Friday, 22 June 2012 13:07

Say goodbye to aWeber (Constant Contact, etc.)

About 2 years ago we stopped recommending Joomla-based newsletter system (i.e. mailing system that were installed as an extension of Joomla). That has now changed.

In fact, we've just closed our our Paschen Communications email list on aWeber and are back to using an integrated extension that provides everything that aWeber did ... and MORE!

The extension that we're using is AcyMailing. It provides all the features that aWeber (our previously recommended system) has and one significant feature that aWeber and the others don't have - Direct Joomla Integration.

What does that mean?

Using the direct integration with Joomla, AcyMailing allows you to easily insert almost ANYTHING that is part of your Joomla web site right in an email newsletter. Not only can you 'insert' Joomla stuff into the newsletter manually, you can create automatic newsletters that pull content from Joomla. So you can just post new things to your web site and know that they will automatically be sent via email to all your newsletter subscribers.

It also has abilities similar to aWeber like:

  • Follow-up emails  - automatically send a 'series' of emails to users when they sign-up
  • Scheduled emails - send your emails at a specific time in the future
  • Tracking how many people open your emails or click on links within the email
  • Recipients can forward emails (and it tracks that activity)
  • Automated Bounce Handling - remove (or suspend) users whose emails no longer work

Also, one feature that has caused problems in the past with Joomla-based newsletter systems is the ability to handle large lists. AcyMailing can handle those. However, if your web site (server) can't handle the volume, it's now possible to integrate AcyMailing with Amazon email services to get very inexpensive processing that is as good (or better) than the major services at a fraction of the cost.

How much does it cost?

There are a number of different levels of AcyMailing package; however, a one-year installation of AcyMailing (on a Paschen Communications hosted site) will easily cost less than 1/2 the amount that you would be paying one of the major service providers. (Under $100 in most cases - with no monthly charges)

How to get this

Just reply (or click the Contact Us link on the site) and let us know you're interested and we'll work with you to get an estimate for the package that meets your needs.